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Every purchase you make with AGHORI provides a meal for a cow that has been rescued from the factory farm system and placed in a goshala, or traditional Hindu cow sanctuary.

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated."

- Mahatma Gandhi

Buy One

Buy beautiful apparel, art and accessories designed to inspire, uplift, and remind you of your true potential

Feed One

Every purchase you make provides a meal for a rescued cow raised in a cruelty-free, Hindu animal sanctuary

Save One

By feeding a cow you don't just save one life, you're helping create an ecosystem based on compassion, sustainability and enlightenment

Buy One

AGHORI offers apparel inspired by the enlightened principles, mantras, and icons of Hinduism. Our products are not just beautiful but designed to remind and empower you to be your best self and live a life of higher consciousness.

In addition to apparel we also offer an exquisite collection of museum quality art prints featuring gods and goddesses and scenes from India's rich history.

Our mission is to celebrate the ancient visual culture of Hinduism and share it the modern world. More than that, we want to revitalize one of its most compassionate institutions -- the goshala, or Hindu cow sanctuary.

Feed One

Every product you buy from AGHORI provides a meal for a cow that has been rescued from auction lots and factory farms to be raised on goshalas, or traditional Hindu cow sanctuaries where cows and bulls are never slaughtered, mothers and their calves are never separated, and the happiness and welfare of the animal is the first priority.

We partner with a network of goshalas across the United States that ensure their cows experience a full life in a cruelty-free, compassionate environment. Hinduism regards cows as divine beings that are the embodiment of motherhood and the Divine Feminine.

Housing and caring for cows involves significant expenses from land, infrastructure, food, veterinary care, etc. compounded by the fact that goshala cows will NEVER be sold for their meat. Most goshalas are heavily dependent on donations to operate - our BUY ONE, FEED ONE campaign offers a vital way to keep them sustainable and scalable.

Save One

A famous Jewish proverb states that life is the most holy thing that exists and “He who saves a single life, saves the entire world.”

Hinduism also regards each life, be it human or animal, as divine and worthy of preservation. By supporting and expanding goshalas you are contributing towards building a new ecosystem that is based on compassion, sustainability and enlightenment instead of consumerism, exploitation and environmental degradation inherent in factory farming. 

By aligning your purchases to your values each dollar you spend goes towards building a better, more compassionate, world.

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