Our Mission

AGHORI is the vision of an ex-Google lawyer and a fashion executive who both left the corporate world in search of spirituality, authenticity, and a life of greater purpose in alignment with the principles of Dharma. AGHORI is the outward reflection of that journey. We hope our goods inspire you to seek higher consciousness and manifest your inner power.

“Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring those ripples build a current which can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance.”

- Robert F. Kennedy

Create A More Conscious World

You have the power to change the world.

Every purchase you make is a vote. A vote that supports someone else’s vision for the world - this includes everything from organic family farms and neighborhood mom-and-pop shops to factory farms and mega-corporations. By making informed choices about how and where we spend our money we can vote for a world more aligned to enlightened values like sustainability, diversity, compassion, and higher consciousness. It’s as simple as making a conscious decision about what kind of a world you’re voting for when you buy something.

If enough of us decide to vote in alignment with our values, we really can change the world.

What is Dharma?

Dharma simply means the natural way. It is a mindset and way of life dedicated to alignment with nature, organic living, sustainability and the principle of Advaita, or Oneness - that we are all fundamentally divine beings having a human experience.

The concept of Dharma is deeply rooted in Hinduism (traditionally known as Sanatana Dharma, or the Eternal Natural Way) , a spiritual tradition dedicated to creating an enlightened civilization and the realization of humanity’s potential.

Hindu civilization produced some of the world's most incredible art, architecture and music. AGHORI is a brand and a community inspired by Hinduism and dedicated to sharing its universal principles and exquisite visual culture with the world.

A World Out of Balance

Modern civilization has brought us enormous prosperity and technological advancement but at the cost of our humanity, our health, our mental wellness, our spirituality and our planet’s delicate ecological balance. We need alternative paradigms aligned to Dharma that place nature, inner peace, sustainability, and the sacred at the forefront of human existence.

People from indigenous cultures have always turned to their ancestors for wisdom and guidance in all things. Could their model for civilization provide a path forward for a world out of balance?

As world increasingly embraces yoga, meditation, vegetarianism, organic food and sustainability, we believe the answer is YES.

What We Are Doing About It

AGHORI offers clothing, accessories and art that share a timeless message of our inherent Oneness, higher consciousness, and the divinity of all living things. In fact, Hinduism is the world’s only major religion that recognizes the divinity of animals.

Under our BUY ONE, FEED ONE campaign, every purchase you make from AGHORI will provide a meal for a cow at our partner network of goshalas (traditional Hindu cow sanctuary) and animal rescues across the United States. Hinduism respects cows as the perfect embodiment of motherhood and the Divine Feminine.

Mahatma Gandhi famously said “the greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way in which its animals are treated.” We agree. Our goal is not just to share the incredible visual culture of Hinduism but to revitalize its traditional institutions starting with the goshala.

Join Our Cause

Big things have small beginnings and even the mightiest oaks start off as acorns. Please help us plant the seeds of a better future at AGHORI and join us in a peaceful revolution to build a more compassionate and sustainable world.

Our Partners